Fundraising is a great way to help support our centre while engaging the community. It is a good way to support survivors like yourself, friends, or family in the Nipissing area. Advocacy can be an important part of healing as well as building a culture of consent and making social change. Contact [email protected] to get started on centre needs and fundraising planning.

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Current Fundraisers


Organized by Chelsea LeBlanc

Why Chelsea fundraises for Amelia Rising:

“This is the third annual #ITriForAmelia where I will swim, cycle and run about 40km to complete the North Bay Triathlon Route. As a trauma survivor, I want to bring awareness to this organization in hopes that someone who is a victim of abuse can find solace in the people and the programs offered by Amelia Rising and be on their way to survivorship. We need to stand together as community and help those struggling to rise from the ashes. Your donations will help those in need today. ”


The ITriForAmelia fundraiser was a success this year as Chelsea not only completed the Triathlon but raised way past her goal of $800 to $1437!!

The Amelia Rising team is so grateful to Chelsea and all she has done for our centre the past three years!