Survivor Spotlight

Survivor Spotlight

Our mission at Amelia Rising is to support survivors to heal from sexual and gender based violence. In our efforts to educate and advocate for the systemic and social change required to end sexual and gender based violence, we have created the Survivor Spotlight. The Survivor Spotlight is a space that showcases survivor’s voices through various forms of art and literature.

Activating Content Advisory

The content in the materials shared on this page may be activating for folks as they include, but are not limited to, discussion of sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and physical violence. This content can be difficult, and we want to ensure that you take care of your safety and well-being. We have provided a list of self care supports below. 

Amelia Rising 24H Helpline: 705-476-3355

Text & Chat Support:

Canadian HT Hotline: 1-833-900-1010

24/7 Hope For Wellness: 1-855-242-3310

Me Too Healing Resource Room, use this to escape and take care of yourself during Negative Activators:

Author: Elizabeth Shane

Silhouette of A Songbird

Elizabeth Shane is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has published her first book of poems, Silhouette of a Songbird, based on her personal struggle to unlock the pain to reclaim her voice through the power of creative self-expression. Elizabeth would like to share her experience to reach out to other survivors to know they are not walking through the storm alone.  

Rainbow of Promise

Rainbow of Promise is Elizabeth Shane’s second book and written for all who are searching to make sense of a traumatic past, to empower them to have a voice and right to be heard, through the power of poetry. Rainbow of Promise is intended to encourage others embarking on their journey, to give them strength to find their own value and self-worth