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Support 4 Survivors: Horseability - Registration Open

  • Length: 
  • Next Session: TBD

Amelia Rising, Horse Ability and True Patriot Love are working together to offer free Equine Assisted Activities sessions to female former and current military members who are survivors of military sexual misconduct or any form of gender based violence. This program is also open to female military family members survivors of military sexual misconduct.

Experience the magic of horses!

For more information contact: (705) 840-2403/[email protected] or (705) 499-8858/[email protected]

Rooted - Starting Soon!

  • Length: 10 Weeks
  • Next Session: TBD

This is a group open to survivors of sexual and/or gender-based violence looking for pre-counselling support, tools and skills for growth. (Ages 12+).

Expressive Arts - Starting Soon!

  • Length: 8 Weeks
  • Next Session: TBD

Are you interested in exploring the healing benefits of the Arts? This group is for those who identify as female and have experienced sexual and/or gender-based violence.  Together we will use body-based mindfulness exercises and the arts to explore topics such as Boundaries, Trust, Strengths, Wisdom, and more. The group’s aim will be to provide a safe-enough space to explore, grow, and heal from our experiences of violence. This is not a talk therapy group. This group will provide its participants with the opportunity to share the felt effects of gender-based violence that we may hold in common. 

Healthy Anger - On Hold

  • Length: 4 Weeks
  • Next Session: TBD

Healthy Anger is a 4 week in-person workshop that educates participants on the emotion of anger. This workshop will help participants define anger and learn safe, healthy ways to cope with feelings of anger. This is a closed workshop where each session will build off the materials learned previously. By the end of the workshop participants will be more comfortable with noticing what anger looks like for them, will understand the different intensity and cues to their anger, and will leave week 4 with a personalized anger management plan.

Healthy Relationships - On Hold

  • Length: 6 Weeks
  • Next Session: TBD

We often talk about red flags and unhealthy relationships, but what about healthy ones? Many people have not had the privilege of witnessing a healthy relationship in their lives. Others have lost the belief that they have rights in intimate relationships due to boundary violations from the past. This 6 week educational workshop explores the different components of a healthy relationship. Topics explored include: Power and Control, Boundaries, Fair Fighting, Gender Roles in Relationships, Rating Your Relationship Health, and more!