gender-based violence

Sex Worker Advisory Network Sudbury

“SWANS’ mission is to improve the overall health and wellbeing of self-identified women who work or have worked in the sex industry through innovative, holistic, and effective approaches to sexual health, community inclusion, access to services and supports, and to improve the protection of their human rights. We promote safer personal and working conditions through

Two Spirit: Building Inclusive Communities

Two Spirit: Building Inclusive Communities It is important to understand the history and relevance of Colonization in order to understand why/ how it plays a role in gender-based violence. The term Two Spirit is also often confused and misused. Before the discussion of building an inclusive community begins, understands Colonization and the term Two Spirit

The Learning Network

The Learning Network: Mobilizing knowledge to end gender-based violence The Learning Network is a valuable source of evidence-informed resources for individuals, service providers, and organizations working to end violence against women and other forms of gender-based violence (GBV).