For emergency accompaniment requests after hours, please call our 24/7 sexual violence helpline at 705-476-3355 and inform the volunteer that you are seeking accompaniment. While every effort will be made to coordinate an after-hours request, we are unable to guarantee an accompaniment last minute.


Our trained volunteers are available to assist you with requests for accompaniment when possible. If you request an accompaniment to the hospital or police after an assault, we can help you through the process and stand by your side. An accompaniment can provide some solidarity as we work to advocate for trauma-informed services.

In order to set up a planned accompaniment, call us at 705-840-2403 and our Office Administrator will take your information. Once the accompaniment has been arranged, they will contact you to confirm details.

Due to COVID-19, our accompaniment services are currently on hold. Please check back for updates or contact our Office Administrator.