About Our Team

Sexual Violence Prevention & Education Team

Kylee Bakowski (she/her)
Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator
705-840-2403 (ext. 4)

Natalie Austin (she/her)
Sexual Violence Prevention Educator

Taylor Desormeau (she/her)
Sexual Violence Prevention Educator (Contract)

Counselling Team

We currently have 2 full-time, permanent trauma counsellors and 1 full-time contract trauma counsellor.

Due to our counsellor and client privacy, we do not publish counsellor contact information. 

To arrange counselling services, please contact our Office Assistant, Melinda (she/her) at info@ameliarising.ca or 705-840-2403 (ext. 0).


Often people make assumptions about the gender of the person based on their name or appearance. Those assumptions aren’t always correct. In creating an inclusive environment respectful of all gender identities, we are letting you know how you can refer to our staff members without you having to make assumptions.

For more on personal pronouns and why they matter visit here: https://www.mypronouns.org/what-and-why/