Be a Champion for our Cause

There are many great ways to become involved with our organization. We appreciate all support from the community and look forward to your involvement!

Get Involved with Events

Share or join one of our events. Event participation is a fun way to become involved with our organization. If you’re unable to attend an event,  promoting an event by sharing it on social media and via email is equally helpful.

Host A Fundraiser

If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser to support Amelia Rising, we ask that you please reach out to our Public Educator, Kylee at, first to discuss and plan fundraising ideas. We would be happy to discuss what type of fundraiser would be most beneficial to our organization at that time.

We also ask that you contact us to approve any imaging used and promotion of the fundraiser to ensure that it aligns with our mission statement and goals. We can also provide our logo, center colours and fonts for advertising purposes.

Host An Awareness Campaign

Hosting an awareness campaign is a great way to spread positive and affirming messaging surrounding consent, gender, sexuality, healthy relationships,  sex positivity and bystander intervention. An awareness campaign can be a useful tool in helping to prevent sexual violence. We are happy to discuss ideas with you.


If you have questions about hosting a fundraiser or a social media campaign, participating in events or have any other inquires, please reach out to our Public Educator, Kylee Bakowski (she/her) at or 705-840-2403 ext 4.