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Volunteer Program

Why volunteer?

  • You can make a difference in someone’s life
  • You can make a stand against violence
  • You can be active in social justice within your community
  • You can participate in and learn through interesting training
  • You can develop new skills

Many of the services provided by Amelia Rising are supported by the dedication of our volunteers. We currently have 34 volunteers working on the 24hr crisis line, two volunteers helping with our clothing and food bank, and 9 volunteers on our Board of Directors. We are expanding our Volunteer Program to include Public Education, Outreach Work, and Office Replacement.

24 hr Crisis Line

The 24hr crisis line operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is available to all adult members (16 years of age or older) of our community in crisis or who need a listening ear to navigate through life’s tougher moments. While we are a crisis line and volunteers are trained to respond to crisis situations ranging from sexual assault to suicide we are also a woman to woman line for women who are not necessarily in immediate crisis but who are in need of support.

Outreach Work

Working with the North Bay Jail and the Women on the Inside Program, volunteers will visit the jail providing information on the services available at Amelia Rising and offer referrals to women who are incarcerated.

Office Replacement

With such a small staff it has become evident that having volunteers at the centre allows the centre to flow even when we’re missing one of our staff. Volunteers help out by answering the phone, assisting women to access the resources available to them and provide support visits (with experience on the crisis line).

Public Education

The Centre’s commitment to Public Education is an ongoing part of our work and it underpins our Organizational Goals, Strategic Directions and Basis of Unity. We are currently running education presentations on healthy relationships, supporters of survivors, consent and are working on creating a presentation focused on the active bystander as a method of prevention. Of course, we are always happy to provide information about our services and programming as well.

Volunteer Training

Training is an essential part of our volunteer program and all volunteers must successfully complete our Volunteer Training Program to become volunteers with our centre. Training is provided to give potential volunteers the information and skills necessary to handle crisis situations, make referrals to services available in our community, provide accompaniments to the hospital, police station or court house, as well as knowledge surrounding the issues of Gender Based Violence.

The first phase of Volunteer Training is now available for online at:

Course Access Code: D4ZFV-XQF52

The second phase of the Volunteer Training will require participation in 2 (3 hour) in-person training sessions. Theses training sessions occur on a monthly basis or as needed depending on participation.

Additionally, on-going training continues throughout the year in the form of Volunteer meetings, special presentations or workshops at the Centre or with local agencies. We welcome all women from all walks to join our team of volunteers and are currently expanding our training to incorporate new volunteer programs available to our volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a member and volunteering with us and would like additional information, please contact Jen, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 705-840-2403, or by email at

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