"We can do hard things." - Glennon Doyle

Amelia Rising is here to help you get the information and tools you need to work through trauma and move toward recovery. Our trauma-informed approach is based on understanding and responding to trauma in a holistic way that considers physical, psychological, and emotional safety to empower and rebuild a feeling of control. We are committed to breaking down barriers that limit access to services, particularly for Indigenous peoples, 2S-LGBTQ+ people, those with disabilities/identify as disabled, and those who live in poverty.

Counselling services are free, confidential and available in French or English to any survivor of sexual or gender-based violence ages 12 and up. Counselling is available over the phone, via Zoom, or in-person on an as-needed basis pending COVID-19*. Historical, childhood, domestic, intimate-partner, spousal, sexual, gender-based, online/ digital, and sex trafficking related violence are eligible for counselling services.

We believe you. You are not alone.

Services we provide:

  • Crisis Support
  • Counselling (group and individual)
  • Referrals
  • Client Advocacy & Support
  • Client Resource Room
  • SV & GBV Education
  • Workshops
  • Events

Unfortunately we do not provide:

  • Housing/ Shelter Accommodations or Rental Services
  • Medical Services, Procedures or Prescriptions
  • In-Person Services (COVID-19 pending)
  • Filing a Police Report
  • Legal, Court or Law Advice

*though we do not provide these services directly, we are able to make community referrals.