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Amelia Rising Plants 100 Trees in Honour of Survivours

Press Release

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[NORTH BAY, ON, October 4] —Amelia Rising Sexual Violence Support Centre is planting one hundred white spruce saplings today in a nursery at North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authourity’s office, in honour of survivours and their supporters. In roughly a year’s time, once the saplings have grown taller and more resilient, they will be transplanted to permanent locations around the City of North Bay.

“We’re pleased to partner with Amelia Rising and provide the space for an experience that will not will strengthen our environment and provide a meaningful experience for the staff and volunteers,” said Troy Storms, NBMCA Manager Lands and Stewardship.

Today’s planting will wrap up Amelia Rising’s Tree Planting Initiative, which spanned the month of August. The Tree Planting initiative consisted of four components: a virtual presentation about the benefits of nature when healing from trauma, an Adopt-a-Tree Fundraiser, a social media campaign recapping the benefits of nature reviewed in the presentation, and the tree planting itself.

This initiative was suggested by an anonymous client with the intention of bringing the community together in a COVID-safe way, aiding the local environment, and highlighting the importance of nature as a form of self-care, as engaging in nature in any way allows us to tap into the benefits of behavioral activation and mindfulness – both of which are helpful strategies when healing from trauma or experiencing mental health concerns.

Behavioural activation refers to strategies that help get the brain and body moving and working together in tandem, while mindfulness is a technique used to become present, grounded, and focused on the task at hand. People who attended the virtual presentation were taught about these benefits and had the opportunity to connect their own trauma and healing experiences to the healing processes of a tree.

Due to the ever-changing health restrictions, the saplings will be planted by a small group of Amelia Rising staff members and volunteers. To enable community members to get more involved with the tree planting, each tree was available for adoption by donation, with all funds raised going back to support Amelia Rising’s service and event provision.

Amelia Rising would like to also give a special thank you to Westwind Forest Stewardship for donating the white spruce saplings and the support necessary to make this event possible.

Amelia Rising Sexual Violence Support Centre is a non-profit counselling organization in North Bay, ON that supports all survivors of sexual violence aged 12 and up by providing one-to-one counselling and group counselling, as well as community workshops and events.

The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority provides leadership in the management of our watersheds where partners and communities are actively engaged in balancing human needs with the needs of the natural environment.

Adopt-a-Tree Fundraiser Donor List

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Casey Phillips
  • Connie Hoffman
  • Coral Montgomery
  • Diane & André Rancourt
  • Eagle Tree
  • Eagle Tree
  • Elise Solomon
  • Gabriel-Flynn Dubois-Belus
  • Jillian Boisvert
  • Marie-Eve Rancourt
  • Russell Family
  • Sawyer Nuber
  • Sean Campbell
  • Teidra Savignac


Event Organizer Contact

Shae Tyers (she/her), Trauma Counsellor