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Below you will find some useful resources that explain various topics related to Sexual and/or Gender-Based Violence and Education. If you have any questions regarding these documents or would like to see a new resource not currently developed, please contact our Public Educator, Kylee (she/her), at

Face Covering Tips & Info For Survivors

Resources on Gender-Based Violence and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please visit the Learning Network by clicking here to access their webpage which is a centralized hub for resources related to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the COVID-19 pandemic. It shares the work of organizations across Canada, as well as key international research.

Recommended public health measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 such as social/physical distancing and the closure of non-essential services may increase exposure to violence (e.g. intimate partner violence, sexual violence, child maltreatment), in addition to changing the landscape of support-seeking.

We hope this hub of resources will contribute to the ongoing work of preventing and responding to GBV during the pandemic by sharing high quality information and innovative strategies to support those experiencing or at risk of experiencing GBV.

How To Promote Healthy Masculinity

“How To Promote Healthy Masculinity – White Ribbon Campaign”

Promoting healthy masculinity is a way that we can help to reduce gender-based violence. It also aims to reduce “toxic” gender norms and stereotypes, for example, that men are expected to be emotionless,  play sports, and to be aggressive to name a few.

Two Spirit: Building Inclusive Communities

“Two Spirit: Building Inclusive Communities”

It is important to understand the history and relevance of Colonization in order to understand why/ how it plays a role in gender-based violence. The term Two Spirit is also often confused and misused. Before the discussion of building an inclusive community begins, understands Colonization and the  term Two Spirit is important. This document provides a comprehensive explanation to questions surrounding Colonization, those who identify as Two Spirit and how to be more inclusive.

“Honour Life,
End Violence.”


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