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Amelia Rising - Sexual Assault Centre of Nipissing 101 Worthington St E., Suite 11 (lower level)
North Bay, Ontario, Canada, P1B 1G5

Office: 705-840-2403 Fax: 705.840.5050

Staff Biographies


Adèle is our Office Administrator and her friendly smile is usually the first thing you’ll see when you come into our office. It can be quite scary taking those first steps through our door, but once you have, Adèle will make you feel welcomed and supported every time. Since her return to North Bay, she has been focusing on women’s issues and rights and is here to support you every step of the way.


Nancy has been a counselor at Amelia Rising for over 20 years. She has extensive training in trauma, when combined with her experience makes her, our number one in-house resource for helping women heal from sexual violence. She combines her warm and caring personality with a passion for women’s issues in her counseling approach, while her quirky sense of humour immediately puts her clients at ease.


Stephanie is Amelia Rising’s Intake Counselor and Volunteer Coordinator. She is a keen listener and she is ready to help you take those first steps into counselling. She’ll make sure you feel supported as you start our programs and she’ll help you access any other services you may need. Stephanie also trains volunteers to run the 24 hour crisis line, offering you support 24 hours a day. Stephanie has a passion for volunteering and being a part of her community – she’ll become a great part of your community of support as well!


Brenda is our Executive Director. When she isn’t tucked away in her office up to her eyeballs in report writing, she is out in our community advocating for social change. She is creative, keenly interested in research and almost always has new ideas up her sleeve. She embraces an open door policy and welcomes anyone to pop by her office for a chat.

Volunteer Biographies


Connie is our Volunteer Clothing Bank Supervisor. Friendly and outgoing, she is ready to help; with clothing selection, or to be a listening ear if that’s what you need that day. Since becoming involved with Amelia Rising, she has taken the volunteer training and has become an invaluable asset to the team.

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