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Choosing to Report an Assault

If you are Sexually Assaulted

If you are sexually assaulted, go to a safe place and talk to someone you trust or call our confidential 24Hour Crisis Line at 705-476-3355 (Collect Calls Accepted). Remember you are not alone and you are NOT to blame. It is normal to feel many different emotions for a period of time and you do not have to go about it alone.

Important steps to take immediately after a Sexual Assault:

  • DO NOT shower, change or brush your teeth.
  • Try not to urinate and DO NOT douche.
  • If you can, grab an extra set of clothes (including bra and panties) to bring with you (if you cannot, the Sexual Assault Treatment Centre will provide you with some)
  • Call our 24Hour Crisis Line (705-476-3355) if you would like someone to accompany you to the Hospital.
  • Seek immediate medical attention at the Sexual Assault Treatment Centre located in the Emergency Department of the North Bay Regional Health Centre (located at 50 College Drive).
  • The Sexual Assault Treatment Centre does NOT have a duty to report (if the victim is 16 years of age or older) and you do NOT have to undergo an evidence collection.
  • After seeking medical attention, call the Police if you wish to report your Sexual Assault (you can call 911 or 705-472-1234).
  • Write down what you can remember about the Sexual Assault


For further information on choosing to report a sexual assault and the procedures followed, please consult the following document: What to Expect When Reporting a Sexual Assault

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